What a gorgeous day again in the City of Kawartha Lakes!  Wow.  This is definitely the kind of weather most of us have been longing for all winter.  It is so good to hear the birds, so good to feel the warmth of the sun and definitely so very good to see and know that all the snow is gone!  

But, there are also some ‘not so goods’ too.  I know that it is ‘not so good’ to be in the midst of another lock-down and ‘not so good’ to be faced with all of the restrictions that correspond with it.  I know.  At times it can feel that there is always a ‘gloom’ amidst our sunny days. 

Handling all of the the constant ‘unknowns’ and dealing with the plethora of opinions out there can definitely continue to take its toll. The Bible reminds us that we are only ‘earthen vessels’ that can only take only so much. When you add the ongoing ‘Zoom fatigue’ and the constant brain drain from electronics into the mix, the looming lock-down can be viewed to be extra emptying.

The point that I want to make is this: we all need to look after ourselves, especially during these days.  The old saying is true: if you don’t look after yourself, no-one else will. 

So, please take the time to care for yourself during these extra-challenging days.  

Here are a couple thoughts that might help:

Routines: Generally speaking, people embrace routine and appreciate its rythm. Before the pandemic, most people had a rythm that included caffeine, commutes, computers and customers. For others it was a slower pace of walks, talks a gawks. But all of us had a pre-pandemic routine that has been severely affected. However, with the now third ‘stay at home order’ being implemented, many of us have had to re-adjust and find new ways of being normal. In other words, we have made adjustments and have created some new routines. But the key is to develop a routine and stick with it. So, whatever new routine you are doing, try being consistent during these next few weeks.

Relationships: We are social beings whether introverts like it or not. Scientists have actually told us that humanity has a ‘relational brain’ that desires to and needs to connect with other living beings. Go figure! It seems that our Triune God has wired into us a desire to connect with other people. It’s called community.

One of the positive things that the pandemic has done for us is that it has brought about a change in our relationships with others. Many existing relationships have been deepened, while others have closed. We also have been given the ability to create new relationships with those around us. Many people have discovered their neighbours for the very first time. Through it all the pandemic has definitely heightened our need to connect with people, and has also given many the opportunity to create new relationships. During these days, it is important to continue connecting with our existing friends and even be willing to foster new ones.

Rewards: Everyone likes to be rewarded, so why not reward yourself from time to time. Let’s face it, we have all overcome some incredible obstacles this past year. Yours are different than mine, but we have all had to overcome some significant challenges. Perhaps it’s time to celebrate and treat yourself to something nice.

In our house, eating out is a treat and oftentimes comes at the end of the week or on the week-end. We generally steer-clear of fast-food and prefer to cook and eat at home. Our children often play a role in cooking and take their turn preparing meals. So, ordering in is kind of like a reward. For us, it often involves ordering pizza and then watching a couple movies. For you it might be a store related purchase or some other delightful treat. But the point is, take the opportunity to reward yourself every now and again for the things that you have accomplished.

Now I realize that the ongoing pandemic and lock-down has the potential to turn everyday into a pizza, pajamas and movie day. But this is where routines and relationships help bring that needed balance so that we don’t slip off into the abyss of online binging and constantly skipping the dishes.

So let us rise above any tendencies to drift away from routines and relationships during ths third Province wide lock-down.  May we also take it upon ourselves to periodically check in with others to see if they are doing ok.  

We could all use a little more personal touch in our highly technical digital lives.  Who knows, you may even brighten someones day by doing so.    


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