My review of James A Beverley’s new book.

As a kid growing up watching Star Trek, The Next Generation, hearing the word ‘Q’ brought to mind a being from an unknown origin who possessed immeasurable power and influence over time, space and reality itself.  After reading through Beverley’s recent book, I am still convinced that whomever ‘Q’is, they are still doing the same.

I admit heading into this book review that I knew absolutely nothing about ‘Q’, Anon’s and the QAnon world.  I can honestly say that ‘The QAnon Deception’ has been my classroom and that James A Beverley has been my teacher.

As an Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion and Research Professor at Tyndale University, one could admit that this type of material is right up Beverley’s alley.  Adding to an impressive resume consisting of over sixteen books, being interviewed multiple times by BBC radio, The Los Angeles Times, CTV News, CBC, as well as Finnish and Syrian television; Beverley also has a number of degrees.  Professor Beverley holds an Honours B.A. in Philosophy (Acadia), a Master of Divinity (Acadia), a Master of Theology (University of Toronto) and a Ph.D from the University of Saint Michael’s College, Toronto.   

All in all, I think that it is safe to say that Dr. Beverley is definitely qualified to write and inform the general public concerning ‘the most influential conspiracy in our world today.’ 

Here’s why.

Beverley writes with openness, honesty and integrity when approaching this massive subject area and navigates the vastness of this platform with ease.  He also provides a contact email and willingly welcomes feedback from all readers regarding the accuracy of the content, as long as they do not engage in personal attacks.  That is a very risky thing to do considering the polarization of conspiracies theories and the immense loyalty of those who buy into them.  However, Beverley courageously dives into the deep mysteries of ‘Q’ and the ‘Anon world’ and its followers (Anon’s). 

As a worldwide phenomenon, QAnon has documented believers in over 100 different countries. (pg. 17)  This ‘mutli-faceted belief system’ has a plethora of issues ranging from Lizard people to pedophilia.  It is hard to decipher a mainline message from the 16 million documents and the 39 different data bases that propagate these complicated and controversial messages.  However, after surveying over 1,400 articles on QAnon, Beverley and his team have been able to boil things down considerably.  

So … who is ‘Q’ and what is ‘QAnon’ all about?

Ok, let’s take ‘Who is Q for $200’

After mentioning and detailing close to two dozen potential sources as to ‘who’ the Q source is, ‘the only reasonable view is that no one knows for sure’ (pg. 87).  

You may be tempted at this point to say: ‘Great!  What’s the point of the book then?’  


The point is that this conspiracy platform has generated multi-millions of views, and has become vastly influential worldwide without having a public name or an identifiable someone at the helm.  It is truly remarkable how and why the QAnon worldview continues to grow and gain global attention despite having an author of unknown origin. 

Through personal interviews, and referencing historical events, Beverley details the rise and growth of the QAnon appeal and the impact that it has had on issues and politics in the United States.  This is because the dominant view is that ‘Q’ is a ‘military figure who worked directly with President Trump to fight evil’ (pg. 75).

There you have it.  

Front and centre in the ‘Q discourse’ and the ‘QAnon community’ is none other than Donald Trump.  Need I say any more.

But Beverley does.  

This book is well worth the price and is recommended for anyone who has just been triggered by Trump’s name or conspiracies linked to Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, George Floyd, JFK Jr, Justin Bieber, time travel and UFO’s. 

Yep. It’s all in there.  

The reader will also be treated to Beverley’s rich knowledge of Satanism and Witchcraft, and the effects that this has had on the various concepts pertaining to the QAnon platform.  

I found the chapters very easy to read and full of researched notes and helpful comments from the author.  It is evident that Beverley lives and breathes this stuff with ease.  James is able to present it all with humility and in a confident, open way.  

The reader is able to make up their own mind, while tracking with Beverley’s ongoing warnings and cautions.

It is interesting timing that I was able to register for a upcoming web-cast featuring Beverley’s new book.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to engage his material before listening to him live.

The book is called “The QAnon Deception: Everything You Need to Know About The World’s Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory”.  

Yes it is.  And it’s is available on Amazon. 


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