I am back into the office today after being away since Monday evening at our District Conference in Huntsville.  The theme of this years conference and main thrust was “Entrusted”.  In the sessions and workshops the continuing theme pushed the conversation towards being ‘fruitful’ with what we’ve been ‘entrusted’ with.

In the parable of the talents (Matthew 25) and minas (Luke 19), three servants were given something according to their ability.  Jesus commends two faithful workers for taking what was given them, and being fruitful with it.  Those two faithful servants were fruitful and multiplied what they were entrusted with.

The one servant who did not multiply, or bear fruit with what he had received was called wicked, lazy and evil.  Remember this is Jesus speaking.  The Eternal Logos called the servant who did not bear fruit or multiply what he was given wicked, lazy and evil.  Ouch!  In other words, the Master expects His servants to be fruitful and to multiply.

For us, this means that we must reject the attitude and belief that faithfulness alone is sufficient.  We must move away from a theology and practice that celebrates a faith of holding on, waiting, and playing it safe.  The servant who did this was the negative example in the parables and ended up losing what was given him.  This tells me that for those who advocate and model a Christian lifestyle of preservation, maintenance, and an internal focus are not the positive examples in our world.  Jesus commends the servants who took risk, invested and multiplied what they were given.  In other words, fruitfulness is the action of faithfulness.

I come from a Christian tradition that has revivalist roots.  In 1906, God’s Spirit touched a man who changed a city which impacted the world.  William Seymour was the man, Los Angeles was the city, and the world is the one we live in.  We are told that within the first year of the Azusa Street revival, nearly two dozen missionaries left Los Angeles for foreign lands.[1]  China, India, Liberia, Africa, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia and Canada were all impacted by people from the Azusa revival.  Gary McGee says that, “this radical new movement was mobilizing for action … and changed the landscape of Christianity.[2]

I believe that it is time for the landscape of Christianity to change once again.

Our Canadian culture is desperately depraved and in desperate need of regeneration.  We are living in confusing times among a confused people.  It is similar to the days of Jonah whose call was to go to a people who do not know their right hand from their left (Jonah 4:11).

As an individual who has been impacted and ‘entrusted’ with God’s Spirit and message, I am firmly committed to God’s Mission and Kingdom.  Now more than ever, I need to be fruitful through faithful obedience.  In other words, Christianity must be actional and not doctrinal only.

I am thankful to the part of a Fellowship which believes in the power and moving of God’s Spirit in the world today.  Join me by asking, believing and moving outward in mission so that others may be impacted and brought into His Life and Kingdom.

Jesus is the ‘Radiant Dawn of Eternity’[3] who stands on humanity’s shore and calls for all to experience His newness.  His Spirit brings the quickening power of new creation to all who believe.  His Spirit beckons us to move outward, invest and be fruitful with what we have been entrusted with.





[1] Cecil M. Robeck Jr., The Azusa Street Mission and Revival

[2] Gary B McGee, “To The Regions Beyond: The Global Expansion of Pentecostalism”

[3] Jurgen Moltmann, The Spirit of Life


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