Change of Heart was a reality-dating show that aired back in 1998.  The show featured unmarried couples who were each sent on a date with a new woman/man.  After the new date, the unmarried couple decided (on TV) if he/she wanted to break up or stay with this person.  The show ran for about five years before ending.

In the Gospels Jesus talks about our need for a change of heart.  He warns that anger and adultery reside in our heart as well as defiling words.  Uh oh.  In other words, Jesus tells us that our hearts can lead us into trouble and can also become hard.  Thankfully, that was not the case at our beginnings and will not be the case at our end.  Here’s how.

One day Jesus was being baited into giving His view on the lawfulness of divorce.  The Pharisees were up to their religious shenanigans once again trying to test Jesus.  This time they were comparing Jesus with Moses.  In a brilliant move, Jesus completely moves past the question and brings things back to the picture of perfection within Eden.  He says, “Haven’t you read the Scriptures about creation?  The Creator made us male and female from the very beginning”.  He continues, “Moses permitted you to divorce because your hearts were so hard and stubborn, but originally there was no such thing.” (Matthew 19:4,8 TPT).

Did you catch that?  Jesus said that ‘originally there was no such thing’!  Sometimes this verse is taken to emphasize that there was no ‘divorce’ in the beginning.  However, in this context I believe Jesus is referring to the hardness and stubbornness of the heart not existing in the beginning!  In other words, our beginnings did not include broken relationships.

It is my belief that God is intentionally bringing us back to that perfect state once again.  Along with creation, we are being made new and will ultimately be restored to Eden once again.  Jesus is the maker of all things new (Rev. 21:5), and He continues in this process until the end of time as we know it.  The eternal Kingdom will be just like Eden.

This gives me wonderful hope, purpose and passion in my everyday life.  Knowing that He and Eden will be my eternal destiny impacts my heart and outlook on life.  Knowing that one day I will be made new brings divine assurance and peace within.  It also makes me realize that I can push for that reality here on earth.

As a follower of Jesus I believe in the reality of His Kingdom.  I believe that we can experience the Lordship and power of Jesus here on earth as in heaven.  Even though Jesus is fully glorified and sitting with The Father, His Spirit has been poured out on earth to accomplish the task of Kingdom building.  The Holy Spirit enables the reality of The Kingdom. 

Paul says that righteousness, peace and joy is available in the realm of the Holy Spirit (Romans 14;17).  This means that our lives can be filled with the very Spirit who manifests these divine qualities of God’s Kingdom.  That sure sounds like paradise to me!  How about you?

If you have never accepted the reality of this Kingdom before, I encourage you to reach out and ask Jesus to be the King and Lord or your life.  When you do, His Spirit will begin to live inside of you.  Continue to feed your spirit by focusing on His Kingdom and the life that He has for you. 

If you are in the Lindsay area, please feel free to come to Calvary church.  We’d love to have you journey with Jesus here.  You can visit our web-site here:

If you live elsewhere, be encouraged to find a group of believers and journey with Jesus in your community.  Either way, please dialogue with The Spirit and journey toward Jesus each and every day.  A wonderful change awaits!  

One day we will be with Him and each other in the new Eden for eternity. 

Until then,


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