As a father there are moments when I feel like a heel and moments when I feel like a hero.  A number of years back my oldest daughter lost a tooth at our trailer.  Very traumatized that the ‘Tooth Fairy’ would not be able to come, she burst into tears which also sent her younger sister into sobbing fits.  In that moment I sprang into ‘hero mode’.  With both my young girls now crying, I immediately pulled out my cell phone and carried on a conversation with the Tooth Fairy herself.  Needless to say, both my girls were wide-eyed and overjoyed.  Their Dad not only knew the Tooth Fairy, but she also knew where the missing tooth was and would come nonetheless, as long as they were sleeping!  That was a good moment. 

The Bible tells us that when Jesus took his buddies to the top of a steep hill, he was ‘transformed’ in front of them.  Everything not only changed for Peter, James and John, but also for us.  Here’s how. 

I believe that in this moment God’s Presence was manifested here on earth as in heaven.  This means that through Jesus, God’s very presence is now abiding. 

The Gospels tells us plainly that God is present in Jesus.  This may not seem like a radical claim since the Jewish people believed God to be present through men like Moses and David in their past.  However, Matthew seems to suggest that Jesus is ‘God with us’ (1:23).  Also, Jesus is present in His followers.  Whenever believers come together in His Name, Jesus is there (18:20).  As His followers go into the world to make other followers, Jesus will be with them (28:20).  Finally, Jesus is present in the world.  Followers of Jesus will be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (5:13-14). 

As followers of Jesus, you and I can launch into ‘hero mode’ with God’s help to build His Kingdom and advance His Mission.  The Church that Jesus is building is one that will overcome the gates of hell and move triumphantly against the forces of death, evil and darkness (16:18).  How is this being done?  Here are three ways that I see Jesus working according to the Gospels: He fed the hungry, He healed the sick, and He rescued the lost. 

We can see God’s abiding Presence operate today just like back then.  By asking His Spirit and power to operate through our lives, we can see His Kingdom come on earth as in heaven.  The world may not always appreciate us, but it will be a better place because of us.  So go for it.  Jump into ‘hero mode’ and help someone who is hurting.  Bring God’s Presence into the earth by praying for a need in His Name.  Grow His Kingdom by telling someone about the Man from Galilee.  He is better than the Tooth Fairy by a country mile, and you have a direct line to Him. 


2 thoughts on “Hero Fulfillment

  1. Joel. If everyone would help feed the hungry, heal the sick and rescue the lost, what a beautiful world it would be! Amen ✨


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