As a boy I remember asking my parents at bedtime to leave the light on in the hallway.  For some reason I felt more at peace and could go to sleep knowing that the light was on.

Fast forwarding now over 35 years, I find myself leaving a light on for my children either in their room, or in the hallway for them at bedtime.  Funny how that is.

John 1 tells us about Jesus, the ‘light of men’ coming into the world; a light that ‘shines in the darkness’.

At the turn of the Century there were people known as lamplighters who were employed to light and maintain street lights of their town.  Every night as evening approached lamplighters would embark on their scheduled task.  On one such evening a young lamplighter was strolling along rather happily.  A passerby noticed the joy on his face and asked him what made him so happy?  His response was simply, ‘because every night I get to poke holes in the darkness!’

At this time of year we celebrate The One who poked the ultimate hole in the darkness.  Jesus Christ, the Light of The World, pierced through the darkness to bring hope and light to lost humanity.  Death and darkness could not overcome this light.  Jesus, Mighty God had come!  His light now forever shines and will some day illuminate humanity and the world forever (Revelation 22:5).

However, until then, we are to be His lamplighters in a dark world; we are to be His light (Matthew 5:14).

Today I do not mind leaving the light on for my children.  It helps me to remember Jesus, God’s Son, The Light of the world.  It also reminds me of the task at hand to ignite His light in the world.  There are people around us who live in darkness everyday.  There are people searching for a true source of hope, life and happiness.  Jesus is all of that are more.

As a fellow lamplighter, I encourage you to let His light shine so that people around you will give Him glory (Matthew 5:16).  Doing so allows us to ‘poke holes in the darkness’ until He comes.


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