N.T. Wright says that ‘hope is what you get when you suddenly realize that a different worldview is possible …’[1].  

In the Narnia films, C.S.Lewis uses different physical objects as a connection or channel between the real world and Narnia.  From a wardrobe, to paintings and a bench, citizens of the earth are transported to the land of Narnia.  The objects used served as a channel, or touch point between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

As followers of Christ we are to act in a similar fashion.

The Apostle Paul wrote to early believers advocating that the risen Jesus is both a model and means by which we are able to bring hope and transformation into the present world.  As ‘citizens of heaven‘ whose very lives are ‘raised with Him’, the believer is able to not only possess a new life with Christ, but this new life is to burst forth into the here and now[2].  In other words, we can be a ‘wardrobe’ of hope!

Think about it.  Has your worldview changed because of Jesus Christ?  Have you suddenly realized and experience new life?

If so, you are now ready to serve as a touch point of hope to those around you.  The world is waiting for you.  Be a bringer of hope to your family, friends and community!


[1] N.T. Wright. “Surprised by hope”, pg. 75

[2] ibid, pg. 149. See also Philippians 3 and Colossians 3


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